Founded in 1999

Goal - provide profitable trading ideas for the average investor.

Approach - no hype, just results. In an industry laden with shysters it isn't easy to set yourself apart. Success is not had overnight, nor is it easy. We teach methods and techniques designed with longevity in mind and set realistic trading expectations.

Coverage - OEX options trading setups is the foundation and flagship product offered. Our lead trader is an expert technician of the S&P 100 and S&P 500 index. This insight and experience led to the launching of S&P Futures trade setups in 2003, adding to the lineup of successful market analysis.

Option's trading is an exciting market that doesn't require a great deal of money to get started. Though, we teach and preach conservative methods, fantastic leverage is possible with options. OEX option's trading is extremely popular among day traders because of its great volume and volatility. Having over a decade of real-time proven success, we invite you to follow us as we successfully trade in and out of OEX call & put options.

Webster's Dictionary defines Mechanical as being done as if by a machine; seemingly uninfluenced by the mind or emotions.

We have found through years of hands-on trading there is one element that separates successful and losing traders: themselves. Time after time, the emotional psyche of a trader drives his decision making process which is subjective at best. The most proven way to avoid subjective and impulsive trading is to use a mechanical approach, practiced for over a decade at OEX Street.

OEX is the ticker symbol for the Standard & Poor's 100 Index traded at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). The options trading on the S&P 100 index are commonly referred to as the OEX options. For a complete review of the index please visit the CBOE. OEXSTREET.COM has no association with the CBOE. OEXSTREET.COM does not manage money nor do we provide advice and/or trading recommendations. The information presented is for educational purposes only.