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Let's be realistic - most option traders lose money. Have you ever consistently made money trading options? We don't mean for a few days or a few weeks. Are you booking profits trading options over the course of months and perhaps years? That's the true gauge of options trading success.

There are a lot of variables that cause people to lose money trading options. Probably the number one cause of losing money while trading options is not being disciplined. Protective stops are designed to stop the bleeding when a trade has gone wrong. The problem is that a lot of traders ignore their stops and by doing so they simultaneously become gamblers instead of investors.

If you're using a lot of 'hope' in your trading and if you're leaning into the computer screen watching the price of your option go down this means you've already lost the game. Why not pull the plug and start over? That's sort of what protective stops do.

On the opposite side is greed. If you're in an option and the position has reached your predefined objective and you're once again leaning into the computer screen cheering as the price climbs then your successful days are numbered.

There's truly no room for emotions, good or bad, when it comes to investing. You have to think objectively at all times and remove the excess fluff. The leading reason why people unintentionally incorporate these emotions in to their discipline is because they're under capitalized (under-funded). If the butterflies are churning in your stomach then you've taken on way too much risk.

The problem is that people are attracted to the leverage afforded by trading options. Where else can you take a few hundred dollars and potentially generate double digit returns in a matter of minutes or hours? With potential reward there's always risk. Las Vegas, or other gambling cities, is where you should gamble if your heart desires. But your online trading account is not your personal casino and you shouldn't treat it that way. Become a disciplined options trader and make a real difference in your options trading.

Limit how often you trade and stop over trading. Over trading probably ties in first place as the leading cause of failure in options trading. Do you really believe that all of these brilliant minds on Wall Street are going to actually open up the window of opportunity multiple times every day? Isn't that how money is really made? We need opportunities to develop that really shouldn't exist in the first place (perfect market). On most days the market doesn't provide 'loopholes' for us to capitalize on. The market is designed to be a place for buyers and sellers to trade and sometimes exceptional opportunities develop for one reason or another.

Our job is to spot those opportunities and present them in an easy to understand manner to our paying members. Because these kinds of abnormalities in pricing don't occur every day this means we won't be able to trade every day and you should adhere to this same kind of discipline. The market makers will happily cater to your excessive trading style in exchange for a tidy sum of your account balance. Shake off those bad habits and let us show you how hundreds of day traders are successful at options trading.

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